Although my Stock Image site of choice for selling would be PicFair, I thought I would dabble with the idea of uploading a small selection of shots to Pixabay.

These images are all available for free, however there is an option for someone to “Donate a Coffee” to the Artist / Photographer. I have read other articles where stock photographers much more talented than myself have made a good amount of additional passive income from Pixabay, so thought it wouldn’t hurt to put some work on the site.

I noticed that many of the images that Ive uploaded were not being shown in search results, so I have provided a direct link here.

Fungi stacked on tree - Stock Image
Fungi – Image available from PixaBay or PicFair

A few months have gone by since uploading this post, and although my work has been downloaded over 500 times i’m still yet to receive a single drop of coffee! oh well, onto the next huge money making idea I guess…

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