At the time of writing this post, I am currently one month into four of shared parental leave. During this time I have become a little Lego obsessed. In pretty much all facets from investing and selling individual parts on bricklink to buying and building sets for my own collection.

Somehow I have even won over my wife who excitedly instructed me to purchase the monumental Hogwarts Castle set.

Anywho onto the meat and potatoes of the article. After noticing that there had never been an official Lego set for Dodgems (Bumper Cars) excluding a fairly badly executed lego friends set, I decided I would try and create a studless design and upload it to rebrickable as an experiment.

Without really knowing where to start I download a copy of Lego Studio 2.0 and started messing around, I was blown away with how intuitive the software was, and although my model is fairly simple. Made top of only 18 unique parts, I still got to explore some of the new, and advanced features such as the instruction maker.

Lego Studio 2 screenshot large, high resolution
Lego Studio 2 software with 2 viewports

So after arranging the build into simple steps and sub models (See the bottom right, ion the screenshot) I generated some lego style instructions and uploaded to Rebrickable. So far the response seems to have been positive receiving a handful of likes and follows in the first 24 Hours.

If you were interested in building my Dodgems lego design, instructions can be downloaded here.

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