So those of you that know me personally will be well aware that I’m not one to waste money on the regular stuff, you know bills and shopping etc. I’m also somebody who makes regular use of sites like TopCashback in order to get a few extra £££ on top of the savings I’m likely to receive when selecting a new Insurence plan, breakdown cover or in this case Energy Supplier.

Before I crack on with the Igloo part of this post I would highly encourage anyone who doesn’t use TopCashback already to get on board. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and have already racked up over £1000 of free money.

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TopCashback is totally worth it!

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Igloo Energy

Igloo Energy Pink Logo
Igloo energy logo

So the backstory, for the previous couple of years I’ve been a Bulb energy customer. I appreciate what they are trying to do, one simple tariff, no fixed contract and 100% renewable electricity generation. I have also benefited from their referral scheme which by now must have payed for several months worth of energy. But after multiple price rises it was time to check if I really was getting the best deal.

So I went back to my trusted cashback site of choice and noticed that if I found a provider through money supermarket that I would get about £37 cashback. Now before you all rush off there now, my referral link will jet you £50 so hold tight.

Now From what I can see Igloo do offer a very competitive tariff, saving on average £170 per year for their customers. They also have one simple tariff and your not tied into a long contract with them either. Now even though they have a lot of imagery on the site that gives the impression that they source from renewable sources I can’t see any text that confirms this.

Switching providers has also never been easier, I never needed to contact bulb once and had confirmation that my new plan was live last week. I think it’s likely that in the world of competitive energy suppliers paired with rising wholesale fuel costs, I will probably be switching every six months to a year!

If you want to get a quote from Igloo, that will also let you know how much you could save, I would appreciate the use of my referral code –

As mentioned earlier of you do sign up, we both get £50.

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